What Type Of Bra Suits Your Breasts?

We Are All Different The breasts that each individual have are exactly that – individual. There is no correct size or shape, and we are all very different in terms of volume, size, appearance and shape. Our breasts play an important role, but are also often seen as an attractive feminine feature, which encourages us [...]

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Happy patient after surgery

Another happy patient after surgery with Mr Marando… We received such a lovely and detailed testimonial from Mrs Jorina Gibson who recently underwent breast augmentation with Mr Marando in Manchester. Please read her comments below: “I had a breast augmentation with Mr Andrea Marando, and I am so delighted with the results. It has been [...]

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The longevity of a Breast Augmentation

The process of surgically enhancing your breasts is a very long one that doesn’t simply end once your surgery is complete. There are numerous stages before, during and after surgery that you need to be aware of when considering a breast augmentation, also commonly known as a breast enhancement. Deciding to undergo a Breast Enhancement [...]

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Get your body into shape if you are considering surgery

So you’ve been thinking about that breast augmentation for some time and are taking steps towards making it happen. Or, perhaps it’s time for that tummy tuck now that you know your family is complete and there won’t be another pregnancy any time soon? When you book your initial consultation with Mr Marando, he will [...]

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Boost your bust – and your confidence!

Manchester Cosmetic Surgery We all have insecurities, some of us more than others. The way that we choose to deal with our insecurities can vastly differ too; some choose to accept the parts about them that they don’t like, and others find it harder to do so. Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery is about improving [...]

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The benefits of Breast Surgery

What are the benefits of breast surgery? Breast augmentation – or a ‘boob job’ – has become one of the most popular procedures available in the United Kingdom, and there are a range of options which can both enlarge and improve the contours of your breasts. Some of these procedures are less invasive than implant [...]

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