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It is always important to know the personal approach and passion that your surgeon applies to their work. Changing lives through plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments is truly amazing, and you should know how your surgeon feels about what they do as a profession. Below are some questions answered by Mr Andrea Marando:

1. What does your work mean to you?

“My work is my passion.
Plastic Surgery for me is about helping my patients to regain and enhance their confidence by guiding them through a possibly life changing experience.

Often patients tell me they want to “look as good as they feel”, or they want “to look at the mirror and to see the way they feel”. It’s my job to interpret that ‘look’ using my skills to create that image that meets both my own and my clients’ expectations

I am a meticulous person by nature so I’m always 10 steps ahead! Being a Plastic Surgeon allows me to enhance peoples’ lives and see how the results transform their confidence.”

2. You use your family crest as a logo. Do you integrate a family atmosphere and care into your practice?

“My work is about a personal approach.
I take pride in what I do; establishing a relationship of trust with my patients.

It is important to me that all of my patients put their faith in me to perform high standards of surgery so that they can become a better version of themselves.”

3. What is the meaning of STAR Clinic?

“Simply broken down, STAR Clinic means: Surgical Treatments, Anti Ageing and Rejuvenation.

My wife came up with the idea and it fits perfectly to what I do.”

If you would like to book a consultation with Mr Marando to discuss a cosmetic procedure that you are considering, click here to get in contact with his team at the Star Clinic, Manchester. If it is more suited to you to have a consultation in a London location, then Mr Marando also runs a private practice in Harley Street.