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Liposculpture Surgery

Liposculpture is an exciting procedure that takes body re-shaping to a new level. It is a relatively new procedure to the cosmetic surgery world, so what is liposculpture?

Introduction to Liposculpture Surgery

The overall aim is to sculpt the body in a way that the client desires, and the removed fatty deposits can be then used elsewhere to create a natural filler matter if required. If you feel that you would benefit from body sculpting, then liposculpture is a highly advanced technique to achieve the very best results with fat removal and body reshaping. Liposculpture is a technique to remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body, including the chin, neck and cheeks; upper arms and above the breasts; the abdomen, buttocks, hips, knees, calves and ankles.

Although liposculpture is not a substitute for weight reduction it does help reduce weight in stubborn areas that do not respond to exercise or dieting, such as the abdomen, arms and thighs which are all specific problem areas. Liposculpture can help increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem and so can help you achieve better life satisfaction in both personal relationships and workplace environments. For both men and women, liposculpture can help decrease pockets of fat in particular areas to help you create a better relationship with your own body and increase your confidence.

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The first consultation with Mr Marando will take around one hour and will assess your suitability for the procedure as well as giving you a chance to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure with a highly experienced surgeon. After the initial consultation you will be invited back for a second consultation with Mr Marando, if you decide to go through with the procedure.

During your consultation Mr Marando will not only assess whether you are physically suitable to undergo the procedure, but will also assess whether your expectations can be achieved from the surgery. It is very important that you consider how you want to look and what you expect from the surgery before meeting with Mr Marando, so you can discuss with him your expectations and exactly what you want to gain from the procedure.

If you decide to go ahead and proceed with the procedure, you will always be invited to come back for a second consultation with Mr Marando, closer to the date of surgery.

Who is the best candidate for a Liposculpture procedure?

This procedure is not a substitute for weight loss, and the most suitable candidates for the procedure are those of normal weight, but who have stubborn pockets of fat which they wish to get rid of.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed using the ‘tumescent technique’; this technique means that the procedure can be performed under twilight sedation (local anaesthetic and sedation) but generally the procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. The word ‘tumescent’ means swollen and firm; this technique is performed by injecting a large volume of very dilute lidocaine (local anaesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) into the area that is to be reduced. The capillary constrictor prevents surgical blood loss, and the fluids provide an easier and better surgical environment for the procedure, the local anaesthetic reduces intra and postoperative discomfort.
The fluid also emphasises the size and shape of the fat pockets to allow a better correction, meaning that results will be as accurate as possible. The fat excess is then aspirated with a liposculpture cannula of small diameter and the area is recontoured.

The procedure will take between one and four hours, depending on the number and the size of the areas to be treated and, on this basis, can be performed either under twilight or general anaesthetic. Not all patients are comfortable with twilight anaesthetic and this is something you can discuss with Mr Marando in your consultation. Generally you will not need to stay in hospital overnight and your procedure will require only a day stay.

Possible side effects may include temporary pain, swelling, soreness, numbness of the area and bruising. Every procedure carries some risks, including blood clots, infections, bleeding, or poor healing. However, in the hands of a competent and experienced surgeon, these risks can be reduced.


You will feel sore and bruised for 1-2 weeks and are advised to stay off work until you feel comfortable enough to return to work, which will be within these 1-2 weeks. Mr Marando and his team will advise you that you should abstain from more strenuous activity for 2-4 weeks to allow bruising to subside and to decrease any risks of any internal bleeding. Any small incisions can either fade quickly, in around three months, or may take up to two years to fade, but all incisions should fade almost entirely over time. Mr Marando and his team will provide you with a comprehensive after-care plan to get the best results from your fat reduction at either the Star Clinic, Manchester, or London.

Why Choose Us

  • Mr. Andrea Marando qualified in Medicine from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome in 1991.
  • He then completed the accreditation process and became Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1997
  • Mr. Marando is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the North West, keenly aware of the importance of minimal or no scars and highly dedicated to a natural look.
  • GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery, he is member of the Independent Doctors Forum, of the Italian Association of Plastic Surgeons (equivalent of the BAAPS), and a Diplomat of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery.

What Clients Say

Mr Marando gives cosmetic surgery advice on:

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About Mr Andrea Marando

Cosmetic surgery is a huge decision to make and one that isn’t easy. Mr Marando has many years experience.


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Our Philosophy

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Patient Care

Our goal is to understand the needs of every patient and and to meet or exceed expectations without exception.


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